Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bye Bye Fishies

Alright. I finally sat down and tried to fix the busted blog template-- no go. As far as I can tell, "New Blogger" will have nothing to do with "Old Blogger" and has turned up its bloggy nose at my offensively outdated template. There's no way those fishies are coming back, folks.

Well, that's how samsara is-- the fact that something begins means it has already shaken hands with the ending. The fishbowl has expired. It's dead. Deceased. Pushing up daisies. It is an ex-template (respectful but giggly nod to Monty Python).

By the time I got wise to it, the fishies had already been scooped out of my karmic net. They're off on another dimensional string (nod to quantum physics, which I don't really get but like the idea that quantum physicists don't really get, either).

I don't know about the plant theme. But I have things that must be said and it buys me space to do that. And just in case I eventually fall in love with it, I'm gonna say goodbye to it right now so it won't break my pathetically weak heart when it falls into the inevitable abyss of Stuff You Wish You Still Had.

Update: The plant theme has been uprooted! Now I'm all about the Orange Sherbet look. This is eerily reminiscent of shopping for shoes. Don't make me tell that story. Just don't.