Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beneath My Celebration Today, There is This

Though I don't find common ground with Republicans on political issues, I have empathy for their deep sense of fear today, as they watch what they consider to be their stable world crumble into dust.

They were in complete denial of the tidal wave of support of Latinos, women and African Americans for President Obama and Democrats. Somehow they thought that if they kept insulting enough of those people it would fire up enough of the remaining folks and they'd win the day. They thought that they could lock women back down into "traditional" roles once again-- subjugate them, demean them and hopefully even turn them back into property with just a few more laws. They thought their white privilege was more powerful than the voices of people of color. They truly thought most Americans hated gay people they way they do.

It's clear they didn't see this coming.

May they open their hearts to change instead of slamming them closed with deeper hatred and bitterness.  The world could sure use their energy if they focused it on benefiting beings.

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