Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Note to Self: Read Note to Self

Every time I do this month-long series of treatments I go through the same exact pattern. After the first of four treatments I think, "Well this is awful but not as bad as I remember. Maybe I'm tolerating it better." Then it gets worse all week and the second treatment hits like a brick. Still I think, "Well, closer to what I remember but not as bad. I think my body is definitely tolerating it better." Then it gets worse all week and the third treatment is straight outta hell. That's when I think, "Oh man, this IS what I remember and I'm definitely NOT tolerating it better."

Though I'm curled up right now with intense nausea, pain, weakness and a pile of other side effects, I can still step back and find the humor in the whole thing. Not every second-- that would be neurotic-- but in an overall OMG-just-believe-your-stupid-notes kinda way.

Monday, June 4, 2012


It's been a long time since I've written about William Cassidy, the man stalking Jetsunma and harassing our sangha since 2007. It was a forced and difficult silence; we were all prevented from discussing the case or responding to his continued online attacks while the legal proceedings were underway. It was brutal seeing Jetsunma tormented every day for years without being able to rise to her defense and watching helplessly as her health deteriorated to the point where she is now living with severe pain and multiple stress-induced conditions.

Unfortunately justice did not prevail. Several months ago we learned that the judge dismissed the case, concluding that William Cassidy was merely expressing his First Amendment rights to free speech when he bombarded Jetsunma with those 8,000+ tweets and blog posts-- a sickening collection of vulgar, hateful and threatening messages. Additionally, the judge asserted that since Jetsunma is a public figure she's basically fair game and Cassidy's comments weren't a "true threat." Really. Here are a few of Cassidy's "not-a-true-threat" tweets using various accounts:

("Tora, Tora, Tora" is the phrase Japanese kamikaze pilots shouted before striking their targets)

As disturbing as those tweets would be coming from anyone, remember that William Cassidy is a violent, convicted felon, not some teenage boy firing off scary-sounding tweets to mess with people. We take his threats quite seriously even if the judge didn't.

Since Cassidy's release from federal prison, he's resumed his online attacks on Jetsunma, our sangha and KPC. Of course.

So that's the update on Cassidy. The final piece to add is that--as if Cassidy weren't enough-- in February, 2011, we learned we had a second stalker named Andrew Wilson. This article gives the background on how that happened and the ways he's joined forces with Cassidy in cyberstalking Jetsunma. Due to various investigations we were also forced to remain silent in the face of Wilson's harassment and threats, so as William Cassidy awaited trial in federal prison Andrew Wilson was running amok online.

The charge of cyberstalking would have made legal precedent and saved countless lives. Someday it will, no doubt. It's just a matter of time before someone (statistically likely to be a woman) is killed by someone (statistically likely to be a man) after a period of intensifying cyberstalking. Having lived through this nightmare, I can tell you that cyberstalking is no different from "real life" stalking, in which the violent threats escalate as the victim tries in vain to protect herself. The law fails victims of "real life" stalking every day, and it has now failed victims of cyberstalking as well.

What Jetsunma has had to endure deserves to be told. Stay tuned.