Monday, September 2, 2013

My Thoughts On War

People say war is sometimes necessary, using Hitler as an example. But if we hadn't ignored the poverty in Germany he never could have gained power. We always wait until conditions have deteriorated so much that dictators take over. Then we say there are no non-military options to deal with it. There is always ample warning before a dictatorship forms. It doesn't happen overnight and we know the conditions that enable it. It can be stopped, nipped right in the bud.

Even though we have endless examples to learn from, we still act as if there's no way to predict a dictatorship forming and therefore no way to stop it. Like the fly that hurls itself into the glass door over and over and over, we are certain that if we do it just one more time it will somehow work out differently. But it doesn't. It can't.

War isn't necessary. It's the end product of years of indifference and willful ignorance.

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